At Colorado Early Colleges (CEC), we know that each and every one of our students is unique. From their heritage and backgrounds, to their passions and interests, to their strengths and talents, to their dreams and goals. The CEC Governing Board, staff, advisors and teachers are forever inspired by the uniqueness of our students and by the responsibility we share in providing every possible opportunity for each of them to succeed not only in school, but in life. We created CEC4me! to introduce some of our students, to share their goals, reveal their challenges, and highlight their achievements at CEC. We are extremely proud to showcase their stories as a way to inspire others as much as they continue to inspire us.

Meet Kevin

CEC Fort Collins Graduate — Class of 2020

Goal: Explore Career Opportunities

“CEC helped me decide what I wanted to do so I didn’t waste time or money studying something in college that didn’t interest me. I focused on construction at first, but then I got interested in criminal justice. It was awesome to explore different career paths, and I can’t thank my advisors and teachers enough for the time and effort they put in to help me set my goals and put me on a path to reach them.”

Meet Ricardo

CEC Aurora Graduate — Class of 2020

Goal: Become a Pilot in the U.S. Air Force

“My parents emigrated from Mexico before I was born to give their children more opportunities in life. I can never thank them or my community of friends, advisors, and teachers at CEC enough for giving me this great chance to follow my dream of becoming a pilot. I was an apprentice with CareerWise at Frontier Airlines, and choosing CEC made it possible to schedule my classes with my job.”

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